Car Washing

Car Washing in Scottsdale

Cruising the stylish streets of Scottsdale is even better when your car gleams with a touch of luxury. Our car washing service isn’t just about removing dirt; it’s about adding a touch of Scottsdale’s sophistication to every curve. With meticulous care and a sprinkle of Scottsdale’s charm, we’re not just washing; we’re enhancing your car’s elegance, ensuring it’s ready to make a statement in Scottsdale’s vibrant atmosphere.

Car Detailing

Window Washing in Scottsdale

Imagine looking out of crystal-clear windows onto the beauty of Scottsdale – that’s what our window-washing service brings to you. It’s not just about wiping glass; it’s about framing the city’s stunning sights. With a gentle touch and an eye for detail, we’re not just cleaning; we’re enhancing your view of Scottsdale, creating a connection between your space and the city’s allure.


Our vision is to be the trusted name that car owners and businesses turn to for top-quality care. We aim to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile, knowing that their vehicle is in good hands.


Our mission is straightforward: to provide exceptional care that exceeds expectations. We're here to make cars and fleets look their best, whether it's through a thorough wash, meticulous detailing, or tailored services.

Our Value

Protecting the value of your car

Your vehicle isn’t just a possession; it’s an extension of your identity. And that’s why, at AZ Speedy Car & Fleet Detail, we treat it with the same passion and care that you do. With meticulous attention and a personal touch, we don’t just wash or detail; we restore and transform.

Fleet Washing

Fleet Washing in Scottsdale

In Scottsdale’s dynamic scene, your fleet becomes more than vehicles; they’re a representation of your brand’s ethos, and our fleet washing service understands that. It’s not just about washing; it’s about making a lasting impression. With tailored attention and a commitment to excellence, we’re not just cleansing; we’re elevating your fleet’s image, ensuring that each vehicle reflects Scottsdale’s spirit of sophistication.

Windows Washing

Pressure Washing in Scottsdale

Transform your Scottsdale surroundings with our pressure washing service that’s more than just cleaning; it’s about unveiling hidden beauty. From patios to driveways, we’re not just removing grime; we’re revealing surfaces that add to Scottsdale’s appeal. With the magic of water and a touch of expertise, we’re creating a fresh start that resonates with Scottsdale’s spirit of renewal.

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We’re here to listen and assist. Reach out to us for any inquiries, bookings, or questions – your satisfaction is our priority.

Upholstery Washing

Car Detailing in Scottsdale

Every drive in Scottsdale is an experience, and our car detailing service aims to make it exceptional. It’s not just about details; it’s about elevating your car’s essence. From exterior perfection to crafting a plush interior, our meticulous approach ensures that every Scottsdale drive is a blend of luxury and comfort. When we’re done, your car isn’t just transportation; it’s a testament to your connection with Scottsdale’s sophistication.

Pressure Washing

Upholstery Washing in Scottsdale

Imagine slipping into a freshly cleaned car interior that exudes comfort and matches Scottsdale’s chic lifestyle. Our upholstery washing service isn’t just about seats; it’s about creating a haven within your vehicle. From stains to odors, we’re not just addressing issues; we’re ensuring that every Scottsdale journey is as comfortable as it is stylish. Your car’s interior becomes a reflection of your appreciation for Scottsdale’s quality of living.

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